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 Set up for v117

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PostSubject: Set up for v117   Wed Apr 02, 2014 7:18 am

Haven't been on  v117 server.
I'm currently in the Philippines and I must say download here really takes forever.
I tried using a different v117 set up because I find that more convenient and just added the client
and after launching the game, I confirmed that it wouldn't work that way.
Seeing as how the set up is 3.9GB I assumed it has lots of wz edits and it was all included in the set up.
Which takes roughly a total of approximately 28hrs with my crappy connection.
I'm not complaining and I can patiently wait but if you would be so kind, how about separating the set up with the
edits and make a patcher?
Would have been more convenient and faster for players who have same crap connection as I have. D:
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Set up for v117
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