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PostSubject: Hello Hello   Tue Apr 15, 2014 5:44 am

Hi my name's Mei. I love MS but really I can't decide if I love ice cream more than my cat.

Late last week, I've realized that being hatched from an egg is not the norm
I don't have egg and that made me very sad. I like purple.

My early days of my boring life were spent trying to avoid the roaches and frogs from our backyard
often eating the various grubs and roots my small snout could unearth
this you might say has set me up in life for not very much.

For snacks I love having waffles with vanilla ice cream topping with my pokemon collection to complete the set.
I have 2 fighting fish who basically killed each other after 5 minutes of bonding. I never bothered giving them names.

Yingy my cat doesn't like Marleu(my dog). They stay out of each others way, life ain't hard and not so complicated.
However, Marley and Cai have different perspectives in life thus making it more complicated than already is.

If you wanna know who Marley and Cai are...
They don't play Maple and as such will remain my secret; this has nothing to do with you.

I like really creepy people who follow you about.
I dislike small stones with sharp edges.


Where's my ice cream? Happy Mapling and hit me up in game if you find me LF> Friends and oh not the "meso please" type  No
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Hello Hello
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